Wearable fitness armband

We design a complete wearable armband device for fitness enthusiasts and athletes with advanced features. Sensors such as EMG muscle sensors, optical heart-rate and SpO2, cadence and calorie-burn, skin temperature, GSR. A Bluetooth radio was also integrated to interface with a custom smartphone app.
Miner Health Wearable

We designed a wearable device for miners that tracks their health vitals like heart rate, movement sensing, drop/fall sensing, and tracking within the mine using localized beacons. We provided complete hardware and firmware design, and PCB manufacturing support.
Motorcycle Telemetry Device

We designed a small device that is installed inside a motorcycle that tracks motorcycle ride performance. Sensors were interfaced for sensing acceleration, angular momentum, altitude and GPS positioning. A Bluetooth radio was also interfaced to allow data to be transferred to an app on a smartphone.
Gesture Controller

We designed a muscle-sensor and 6-axis IMU based hand gesture controller to control keyboard and mouse events on a computer. The device integrated EMG muscle sensor data and 6-axis accelerometer/gyroscope data, which was then fed to a Neural-Network for gesture pattern recognition and then translated to HID events sent over Bluetooth to the computer. Machine learning methods were employed to train the Neural-Network to recognize several gestures of the hand.