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IoT Design

Capitalize on the internet-of-things to make your business more efficient. We can deliver a custom end-to-end solution from the sensors, wireless network, to cloud service integration. We’ll work with you to design and deploy a custom solution.

Embedded Systems

Our core competency in designing custom embedded can help solve your electronics designs needs. We specialize in custom hardware and firmware engineering to deliver a complete device that meets your requirements at a low cost.

Industrial Automation

Building on our expertise in IoT and embedded systems, we automate your industrial or commercial production process to increase productivity, efficiency, and save on energy and resources. We provide expertise to design and deploy a custom solution.

R&D Engineering

Research and development is at the core of our expertise. We are conducting research in novel areas of IoT, control systems, biometric sensors, computer vision and machine learning. We can work with you to conduct R&D in novel fields of application.

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We are a team of engineers and innovators, and passionate about developing cutting-edge technologies for our modern world. We are constantly in the pursuit of excellence to design and disrupt the biggest ideas in technology, and contribute to a smarter economy.

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